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Jam BreakAfter School Club @ Fawbert & Barnard Infants School 

We are very lucky to have sole use of the dining hall at Fawbert & Barnard Infants School as well as the playground and field area. We also take regular trips to the local park which is just across the church grounds. We offer care to children that attend Fawbert and Barnard Infant School and Mandeville Primary School. Our Breakfast club runs from 7:30am to the start of school and our After School Club runs from 3pm to 6pm, with an extended session to 6:30pm to those parents who require it. 

Breakfast Club

We open our Breakfast club at 7:30am and run until 8:30am when the school opens. We operate from the school canteen building. During this time the children are offered a healthy, well balanced, buffet style breakfast. As well as a range of activities.

The perfect way to prepare for a day of learning!



After School Club

We meet the children at the library in the main reception area and walk them back to the canteen. Children are settled into the club and are encouraged to have a drink whilst they are  told about the activities on offer that day. 

15:30-16:00: Open door play the children are encouraged to play outdoors on the school playground and burn off some energy. Alternatively, there is always arts and crafts available along with our selection of toys and games. 

16:15-16:45: Tidy up time in preparation to wash hands and have some tea! The children self serve tea, this could be anything from a sandwich, wrap, bagel to Pasta or soup! Each day there is a salad and fruit selection!

16:45: Tidy up from tea, with help from the children. 

16:50-18:00:  Whilst there is always activities on offer, if the children have requested an activity such as making play dough or baking, a member of staff will sit and carry out this activity with the children. The door will re-open onto the playground and the children are free to play inside or outside. Each child is limited to 10 minutes on the iPad or game consoles, this is to ensure that each child should they wish to have a turn is able to. Furthermore, this is also to ensure that the children enjoy playing outside and engage in the activities on offer. Our iPad’s and game consoles, do not have access to the internet and are closely monitored by staff. We also speak to the children about staying safe whilst playing games at home. Children are collected throughout this time, however children can be collected at any point during the session. We also provide support with reading and homework during this time. 

Mandeville School 

We  offer a walking bus service from Mandeville school. Our lovely Wendy, or Mrs Hollingsworth as she is known to the children at Mandeville (she has been a teaching assistant there for many, many years!) collects the children from a designated spot in the playground and walks them back to F&B School for an afternoon of fun! 

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