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Healthy Eating at Jam

At Jam we believe it is not only important to provide children with a nutritious and varied diet but also to educate them and give them the information they need to make healthy choices and promote good eating habits for life. Children are encouraged to help with preparing and serving their food at snack times, these are always a very enjoyable social experience for everyone!

*As part of our COVID-19 response staff will be preparing all the children's food, with extra control measures in place. 

Here is a sample of our menus


Tortilla Wraps with a choice of filling

Cucumber, Carrot and Pepper sticks

Fruit Smoothies


Pitta Pockets with a choice of filling

Salad bowl 

Fresh Fruit


Taco Tuesday (BBQ Chicken filling)


Baby corn salad bowl


Fresh Fruit


Soft rolls with choice of filling


Cucumber, Carrot, Pepper sticks



Bagels with a choice of filling

Rainbow pepper rings

Rice Pudding or Jelly

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