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Jam Breakfast & After School Club @ The Rodings Primary School

Breakfast Club

We open our Breakfast club at 7:30am and run until 8:30am when the school opens. We operate from the school hall. During this time the children are offered a healthy, well balanced, buffet style breakfast. There are a range of activities to enjoy as well as having access to the outside play areas.

The perfect way to prepare for a day of learning!

After School Club

Our After School Club also operates from the school hall. Before the children arrive the area is transformed into fun and inviting play areas using easily accessible storage units and bright and cosy soft furnishings. We set out a range of different table top and floor activities that are planned in advance by our team, taking into account the interests of the children that are due to attend. Children are also free to select their own toys and resources from our extensive collection. There is always lots of arts and crafts, construction, small world, baking, role playing and games going on daily as well as having quieter areas, where the children can go to read, do a bit of homework or just chill. 

The children are offered a snack and a drink when they arrive, while we sit at the tables and wait for everyone to arrive and the register to be taken. Children in Reception class are collected from their class by one of our staff members. Children in other classes are sent to the hall by their class teacher. When all children are present and signed into the register a member of staff will open up the outside area and children are free to play inside or out, staff are deployed to ensure children are fully supervised at all times. 

Tea is served at around 4pm, you can see a sample of our menu on the 'ABOUT' tab above. We all sit down to eat together and it's always a very sociable and enjoyable time for everyone. After tea is finished we all help to clean up and then carry on enjoying the activities on offer until home time.

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